For those who love clever, twisty, character-driven sci fi, MUNKi is a near-future mystery, complete with robots, virtual reality, rogue AI and people swearing in Welsh.

Other formats: paperback

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10 years after he died, Cari’s grandfather is back.

Or at least, his memories are. Stolen and repackaged into a corporate video by tech giant Merrywhile Industries to promote their latest project – digital immortality.

When no one believes her, Cari’s search for proof drives her into a lawless virtual underworld of hackers-for-hire where anything is for sale – and payment isn’t always in cryptocurrency.

But global megacorporations don’t take well to scrutiny. As Cari looks into Merrywhile, Merrywhile also looks into her.

And as she realises there’s more to the grandfather she loved and thought she knew, his secrets make her a target for shadowy players in a game with stakes much higher than data theft.

Set in the near-future, the Merrywhile books are an ongoing series of sci-fi stories – novellas, short stories and full length novels – with a loose chronology, but which can be read in any order. They involve various characters and their dealings with Merrywhile Industries, a giant tech company with ambitions to take humanity to the next level – whether it wants to go there or not.

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